Ingrid Bruck is wild flower gardener and a poet inspired by nature. She lives in Amish country in Pennsylvania. This site shocases selected works by her.

Spring Wind Sonnet, Night & white horse - Published by:  Verse-Virtual

Spring Wind Sonnet 


Spring wind rushes south,

a restless and riotous hunter, 

twigs and branches snap in its mouth,

food for a burn pile’s hunger.


The ravisher writes in white, 

tears apart clouds.  A bowl of whipped sky

spills and snuffs out moonlight.

Chimes circle in the dark, fingers ply


stories written on book pages,

howls to feel face, hair and skin,

probes the fabric of ages, 

gusts outside through and in.


After three days of yowl and blow, 

silence falls with late snow.  






The black cat climbs to the top of the silo,

peers over the farm

and his frightened shadow runs away.

He retreats back down, 

chases and stalks it

along the edge of the field

into the woods.

He climbs up a tree,

extends his claws

and rakes the fields.

Where black cat strikes, 

night bleeds on emerald. 

Sun retreats behind the hill.

All that’s left

is dim and featureless,

waiting for dark to feast. 




white horse 


the white horse is an original,

a free-thinker in a herd

of milk cows and brown work horses,

he stands out in a swarm of flies.


a line of cows 

hoof to the barn, 

the team of work horses

do-wop out to pasture.  


horse tails slap swat and flick

at house flies

green bottle noses

and pesky stingers. 


flies pester the beasts,

horses tails swish and shoo fly,

flies buzz and bite.

horses snort their distaste.  


the white horse ignites

a small tornado,

rolls on his back

covers in sand 


kicks legs in the air

then jumps upright 

brown and fly proof.

when the dirt wears thin,

he dust dances again.  


no copy cat horse

stops, drops and rolls

with the white horse.  

the others twitch ears,

snort, shake and shoo flies 

with their switching tails, 

they jig and jump

a two step on the farm

partnered by flies.


Date Published: February 2, 2017


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