Ingrid Bruck is wild flower gardener and a poet inspired by nature. She lives in Amish country in Pennsylvania. This site shocases selected works by her.

Voice the Forbidden - Published by: I Am Not A Silent Poet

Voice the Forbidden


White entitlement hides behind its walled enclave,

strikes people of color with hate,

clobbers the others in the name of business interests.

These self interest promoters

confiscate money, education and property

with each seizure of state park land for development,

every new well drilled in the Arctic,

the lessening of medical care for the masses.


Men build a blockade around their fortress,

tout the trickle down of greater good,

grow personal wealth

though profits run dry at the top layer.

In the pursuit of business,

they reject evidence-based research

revealing harm to the planet.

In the pursuit of business,

they prohibit science-based research

exposing hurt to people.


Rich white men cringe at the word entitlement,

a slur, the word assaults their honor,

slaps them with contempt.

It’s the middle word on a list

of seven forbidden words

issued to CDC by the Trump Administration,

words government employees are forbidden to use

to mitigate collateral damage to our leaders.


People of color are the enemy,

this vulnerable majority

increases in number everyday.

White men fear becoming an endangered species,

outnumbered as they are by people of color,

intimidated by the diversity and vigor introduced.

Any one other is a threat to the white elite.

No one outside the inner circle is safe,

the diminished middle class gets sacrificed

to make the rich richer.


Whites, in fear of their shrinking numbers,

build a higher barricade and threaten,

“Keep out of Wall Street.”

Those inside the fortress want all the money.

The barrier wobbles,

the masses call for bread, medicine, clothes

a roof overhead.

Pity the transgender outside.

Pity the fetus born into this maelstrom.

A mob in the streets calls for heads.


Date Published:  1/13/18

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