Ingrid Bruck is wild flower gardener and a poet inspired by nature. She lives in Amish country in Pennsylvania. This site shocases selected works by her.

The Power of One & Seasons (Senryu) - Published by: Halcyon Days

Power of One


The power of one

blade of grass,

a slow melt to spring

on a dull winter field.


Tree auras shine

russet, lemon and lime,

burning bushes of Moses

underscored in cardinal bursts,

another streak of azure and red, 

a bluebird in the pines,  

and a flash of yellow on black

budded branches, 

an oriel, newly arrived.  


Raw browns retreat,

reveal bare soil surprises, 

a nub of pink stars,

a solstice resurrection,

one hyacinth emerges

from last year’s Easter pot.


The power of one

daffodil bulb two seasons old:

twin suns sway on green stems,

ruffled gold pots 

set on six pointed stars

line the driveway.  


One dandelion, 

an open green star,

clasps and devours earth, 

grasps hard pellets to heart, 

sun explodes its tap roots, 

both anchor and nuisance, 

leaves stretch out,

a harvest to steam in a pot

or food for hungry deer, 

and flowers, more deer food 

and starbursts for wine.  






wind bends young corn

silver fields wave to the stars

water flows uphill


perfect black berries

red hollyhocks and cherries

children of the sun


fire storm

yellow red orange leaves fall

prepare to depart


under the skin 

raw earth and hard rock

winter exposure



Date Published: March 26, 2016

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