Ingrid Bruck is wild flower gardener and a poet inspired by nature. She lives in Amish country in Pennsylvania. This site shocases selected works by her.

Pebble’s Funeral - Published by: Rose Red Review

Pebble’s Funeral
After “The funeral of the moon” by David Shumate

They were all in attendance. The sun. Wind. A cloud. They came to console mountain who lost his child, pebble. Moon arrived late and met up with the rest in the bar afterward. It was a stellar funeral, said sun. It was a blast, said wind. I cried a downpour, said cloud. How sad that a piece of you is gone forever, mountain. After this announcement, another raindrop welled in cloud’s eye and fell in his beer. What a loss, said moon to mountain. Your lovely daughter had a natural fluorescence I could see from heaven. I’ll miss her, said mountain, She was a rock of strength, I’ll never be the same. So sad, said sun, Did you see me cover my eyes when they lowered pebble into the water? I couldn’t bear to look. Pebble to pebble, sand to sand, moon prayed. Wind added some philosophy, We’ll all be ground down by the sands of time, time is all we’ve got. And mountain rejoined, Yes, soon enough I’ll be with my pebble, grains of sand on the bottom of the sea. And they all gave a collective sigh and sipped more beer.



Date Published: June 20, 2016 date of publication: Issue No. 17, Summer 2016

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