Ingrid Bruck is wild flower gardener and a poet inspired by nature. She lives in Amish country in Pennsylvania. This site shocases selected works by her.

Before Night Comes - Published by: Panoply, A Literary Zine

Before Night Comes



It happened on a hillside in Pequea,

we retired and burned the moving boxes,

the ones done traveling between jobs and houses.  

We sit here and wait for inevitable night,

refit the house, try to tame the land,

unpack books and mementos 

of holidays, jobs and the children’s lives. 

We set outfew treasures to keep us company,

attack land tangled with thorns and vines,

establish a garden, plant perennials and fruit trees.



Each night before dark comes, 

I stop whatever I’m doing

rush outside and look east 

where deep shadows march towards night, 

check for yellow light caught in tree branches,

on sides of houses and barns.  

Then I turn west for the light show of dusk,

a brilliant crone’s scarf that collects 

the rich colors and words of the passing day

and put on my scarf before night comes.


Date Published in Panoplyzine Issue 2/ Winter 2015/2016: January 5, 2016

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